Dana Brown ~ programming, keyboards, bass, & vocals ,…..and drums !


Dana Brown new bio coming soon!!! ,…..yeah there’s probably too much info to fit on this page ! But we’re gonna try it anyway ! ,…..anybody that knows would say “hey they didn’t put drums up there and I know I seen him play the drums and that mofo was good too ! ,…enough messin’ around , in the mid to late 80’s a friend of  mine moved to NW from California and continued his “illustrious” career here in Wa. State and varied and successful “the career” has survived ,…it is a wonderful thing to see someone grow , oh yes it’s  a bit gratifying to think I might have had something to do with this persons success and even if I did or did not I am very happy to observe the just rewards reaped by this individual . …..and the new Bio is still coming , send me a pic or vid if you have something